We help facilitate projects across Te Tauihu through our Climate Leaders Programme and regional partnerships.

Cutting carbon in the food business

Zoe Moulam (Minerva Consulting) is keen to support businesses in the food industry to reduce their carbon and bring about an improvement in New Zealand’s circular economy.

Simple actions such as sourcing locally, using plant-based foods, considering packaging more carefully, diverting waste from landfill and storing food at the correct temperatures could make a hugely positive impact. Zoe wants food businesses to realise their effect on carbon emissions and make change for good.

Contact Zoe to nominate a local food business that's doing good things and may want to share their ideas, or recommend a business that might need some help.

A Climate Leaders Programme project

Refill Revolution

The ‘Refill Revolution' campaign initiated by Abbie Tebbutt (Chia Sisters), and Caitlin Attenburrow and Kate Robertson (Pic's Peanut Butter), targets waste by getting people to think differently about their food and beverage packaging.

The project aims to drive significant consumer demand for more refill stations across New Zealand – and lower impact packaging solutions in time - by encouraging consumers to re-fill vessels directly from participating producers and retailers. Positive outcomes include a reduction in single-use waste, an increase in consumer awareness and education on refilling and reuse.

The project is kicking off with a one month campaign in February 2023, where participating businesses will be activating and celebrating their refill / reuse solutions across the country. 

A Climate Leaders Programme project

L-R: Abbie Tebbutt (Chia Sisters) and Caitlin Attenburrow (Pics Peanut Butter)

Regional Directory for an Environmental Network

This project, initiated by Katherine Garvis, a Master of Global Business (MGBus) Graduate, looks to enable businesses to achieve their environmental goals by facilitating a system of enhanced networking to find environmental solutions across Te Tauihu.

The regional directory is an intuitive and accessible system which allows for the establishment and growth of a collective network of like-minded businesses looking to share resources, knowledge and skills. The directory acts as a main hub for sourcing goods, like packaging, and services, from consultancy to waste management, to contribute to more sustainable business practices.

If you would like your business to be listed on this directory, or if you know of a business within the Te Tauihu region that offers climate conscious products or services, please contact Katherine.

A Climate Leaders Programme project

Climate conscious legal practice

Michael Stocker (Knapps Lawyers) is looking at ways to empower lawyers in Te Tauihu to provide climate-conscious legal advice.

Through greater access to information, resources and peer support around climate issues Michael’s aim is to ultimately strengthen a shared community vision of being Tūpuna Pono (good ancestors).

Get in touch to learn more or offer your support, or encourage your climate conscious lawyer to do so.

A Climate Leaders Programme project

Creating value from food waste

This project, initiated by Dr Paula Short (Founder and Veterinarian, Genius Pet Food) seeks to identify food waste from local food and beverage producers and repurpose this into value-added products, such as pet food.

New Zealand food producers send over 100,000 tonnes of food waste to landfill every year. By connecting food producers with businesses who can use their valuable waste ingredients the project aims to significantly reduce the amount of food waste being sent to landfill in Te Tauihu.

If you know of any suitable local food waste or are interested in repurposing food waste for your business please contact Paula.

A Climate Leaders Programme project

Developing a framework to support your climate action journey

Projects and Funding Manager Nettie Stow is working to support people to take the first step on their climate action journey through a new framework she is developing at Whenua Iti Outdoors.

Designed to enable participants to identify their top priorities and goals, the framework leads them through the actions they might take – big or small – to deliver the greatest environmental impact for their organisations. Actions are then added to annual reports for future reference, tracking and accountability. Nettie aims to make the climate action journey less daunting and more one to be excited about.

Contact Nettie to receive more information about the framework and a copy of its unique annual report template.

A Climate Leaders Programme project

Empowering accountants in preparation for change

Vanessa Stutz (Johnston Associates) has a mission to empower people in the accounting profession to collaborate and upskill in preparation for what she sees as an unprecedented time of change.

Vanessa’s project acknowledges the unique position of accountants as trusted business advisers within and external to professional organisations. Enabled to raise hard questions, get conversations started and provide necessary financial information, accountants can inform and influence sound decision-making. In the era of climate change this would mean greater understandings of an organisation’s environmental impact and impending business risks caused by climate change and biodiversity loss.

If you are an accountant interested in sustainability matters and/or shaping the role of the accountancy profession in climate action please get in touch.

A Climate Leaders Programme project

Net zero carbon construction

Nathan Edmondston (Jerram Tocker Barron Architects Ltd.) aims to encourage architects and others in the construction industry to measure the carbon impacts of their buildings and make drastic reductions in emissions in order to meet future government requirements.

With a view on New Zealand’s ‘net zero carbon’ build deadlines – 2030 for all new builds and 2050 for all existing – Nathan is asking architects and designers to do two things: 1. use carbon analysis during the design phase; and 2. maximise the use of local timber while minimising the use of concrete and steel. His Passivhaus design acts as a case study to highlight areas for improvement and inspiration.

A Climate Leaders Programme project


Strawlines is a modular housing system that addresses Aotearoa New Zealand’s most pressing issues of climate change and a chronic housing crisis.

Initiated by Magdalena Garbarczyk (Fineline Architecture), in collaboration with Unitec Institute of Technology, this ongoing Research & Design project proposes using carbon-sequestering straw and timber prefabricated SIPs (structural insulated panels) to be used as primary building blocks in the design of small and smart homes.

Incorporating almost exclusively homegrown and home-manufactured materials and off-site construction Strawlines aims to bring low-carbon affordable homes to communities in Te Tauihu, whilst re-establishing the relationship between agriculture and construction.

If you are a developer, a community housing provider or an individual interested in pioneering a new approach to well-designed, affordable and carbon-banking housing, get in touch to discuss how the Strawlines system can work for you.

A Climate Leaders Programme project