Sustainable farming

Agricultural innovations in Golden Bay

Farmers in Golden Bay are embracing a new mindset. Rooted in practicality and a grand vision to do better for themselves, their animals, the land, and future generations, their efforts to change the way they do things are yielding results.

The area’s Ren Xue, Packards, and Ellis Creek Farms provide a demonstration of the benefits of collaborative thinking, alternative pasture management, and innovation in the face of challenges. Our recent visit brought insights and optimism.

Ren Xue Farm is on a journey to becoming a major, self-sustaining and community-led Qi Xong retreat centre for Aotearoa New Zealand. Read more.

The Packard Farm exemplifies the success of innovative pasture management and sustainable agricultural practices. Read more.

In the face of unavoidable challenges, Andy and Rosie Williams of Ellis Creek Farm have seized new opportunities, resulting in a broader and more resilient farming practice. Read more.

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