Behaviour change for climate action

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Mission Zero hosts numerous climate change workshops throughout the year. In May 2024, our session on behaviour change featured several round-table discussions led by professionals experienced in sustainable transport, energy, waste, and procurement.

Click through the sections below to read about the discussions held, insights learned and solutions identified for some of these topics.

Business Travel
Marta Karlik-Neale, Tonkin + Taylor‘s Sustainability & Resilience Principal, is focused on reducing carbon emissions generated by the Nelson branch’s business travel activities. Marta began each round-table discussion by sharing insights from data she had collected and related graphs, which led into a solutions brainstorm. Read more

Business Fleets
As a Sustainability Assurance Advisor for McHugh & Shaw and Nelmac Kūmānu‘s former Environmental Management Leader, Rachael Williams-Gaul has spent a lot of time looking at how best to transition corporate fleets to more sustainable models. Read more

Employee commuting
In her former role as HealthPost‘s Impact & Sustainability Lead, now independent consultant Nina Griffith was instrumental in helping the organisation achieve B-Corp certification in 2023. This major transformational process included significant behaviour shifts in the way staff commuted to work. Read more

Lisa Bridson is a Sustainability Assurance Advisor for McHugh & Shaw, with extensive experience in sustainability, waste management and procurement. She has held numerous positions in central and local government, including as Procurement and Sustainability Advisor for the Ministry of Economic Development. Read more

In her role as Branch Manager for WM New Zealand Zoie Bryce collaborates with a diverse range of businesses to help them reduce their waste output. Read more

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