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A modular housing system with straw panels

A Climate Leaders’ Programme project

Strawlines is a modular housing system that addresses Aotearoa New Zealand’s most pressing issues of climate change and a chronic housing crisis.

Initiated by Magdalena Garbarczyk (Fineline Architecture), in collaboration with Unitec Institute of Technology, this ongoing Research & Design project proposes using carbon-sequestering straw and timber prefabricated SIPs (structural insulated panels) to be used as primary building blocks in the design of small and smart homes.

Incorporating almost exclusively homegrown and home-manufactured materials and off-site construction Strawlines aims to bring low-carbon affordable homes to communities in Te Tauihu, whilst re-establishing the relationship between agriculture and construction.

The Strawlines project won joint first place in the INTBAU Architecture Challenge (Mar 2023).

If you are a developer, a community housing provider or an individual interested in pioneering a new approach to well-designed, affordable and carbon-banking housing, get in touch to discuss how the Strawlines system can work for you.

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