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Episode 02 / Interview 02

Interview with Rob Simcic, Little Beauties
Hosted by Gareth Power Gordon, Nelson Regional Development Agency

Little Beauties is a Nelson-based producer of snacks, garnishes, ingredients and powders made from locally sourced excess fruit. It works closely with growers to ensure no fruit goes unpicked, transforming non-conforming kiwifruit, boysenberries and feijoas into a boutique range of whole fruit treats. 

Wherever possible organic production methods are used and products are packed in Soft Plastic Recyclable packaging. Land health, sustainability and the promotion of unique Aotearoa New Zealand fruits are key values of the business.  

Crafted with care and made to share, Little Beauties challenge traditional methods of food production by bringing joy and delight to the table.

Rob Simcic specialises in the New Zealand food sector and community wellbeing initiatives as Chief Executive of Little Beauties, Chair of Life Education Trust New Zealand and Proprietor of Harley Grove Organic Vineyard & Orchard. He holds a degree in Applied Science (Massey University) and lives on a small vineyard with his wife and four children near Blenheim.

Thank you to the Nelson Regional Development Agency for their support for Mission Insights.

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