Activating behaviour change for climate action in business

29 May 2024
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When: Weds 29 May, 4–6pm
Tonkin + Taylor, 51 Halifax Street, Nelson

Behaviour change may be at the heart of climate action in business, but it can be the hardest change to drive, right?

This session passes on the learnings of a host of experienced change activators who have ‘been there, done that’ to drive climate action in a business setting. Through a series of short presentations and round table discussions you’ll hear about some of the wins and fails of the job, and get a chance to address the behaviour change challenges and opportunities affecting your efforts to reduce emissions at work. 

Our facilitators have expertise in key areas such as transport, waste, energy and procurement, and will not only share their tips and advice, but also brainstorm across the table with you to help you to accelerate your thinking.

This is a fast-paced session suitable for operational-level business professionals looking to drive behaviour change in their workplace in order to achieve sustainability goals. There will be an opportunity to network and mingle over drinks and nibbles after the event.

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Thank you to our presenter and facilitators and their associated organisations: Marta Karlik-Neale (Tonkin+Taylor), Rachael Williams-Gaul and Lisa Bridson (McHugh & Shaw), Nina Griffith (V2V projects and consulting), Erin Roughton (Emsol), Zoie Bryce (WM New Zealand) and Jon Lasenby (Maranga Ltd.)

Event facilitators

Business Transport: Marta Karlik-Neale (MSc – Environmental Science, MSc – International Economics) is a highly experienced sustainability and environmental management professional with over 20 years of expertise, currently serving as Sustainability & Resilience Principal at Tonkin+Taylor. She specialises in sustainability strategy, mitigation, adaptation, and stakeholder engagement. Marta is a member of the Board of Trustees for Businesses for Climate Action/Mission Zero.

Fleet Management: Rachael Williams-Gaul (BSc – Physiology, BSc – Chiropractic, MSc – Natural Resource Management & Ecological Engineering) is a Sustainability Assurance Advisor for McHugh & Shaw and an experienced Certified Carbon Auditor. Until recently Rachael was responsible for the GHG Inventory, Environmental Management System and Sustainability Strategy for Nelmac Kūmanū, and has been involved in Sustainability across the private and public sector for 17 years. Rachael led Mission Zero’s Fleet Management Group from 2019 – 2023.

Employee Commuting: Nina Griffith (PGC – Leading Change for Good, Alumni – SBN Leadership in Sustainable Business) is a values-oriented sustainability professional driven by change for good. Her recent work as HealthPost’s Impact & Sustainability Lead was instrumental in helping the organisation to achieve B-Corp certification in 2023. This major transformational process, which took over a year to complete, required her to identify opportunities to optimise processes, policies and practices, and drive significant staff and supplier behavioural change across the business. Nina is currently an independent contractor delivering consultancy and project management work.

Procurement: Lisa Bridson (MSc – Environmental Management) is a Sustainability Assurance Advisor for McHugh & Shaw, with extensive experience in sustainability, waste management and procurement. She has held numerous positions in central and local government, including as Procurement and Sustainability Advisor for Ministry of Economic Development, Chair of Hutt City Council’s Regional Waste Management Plan Committee (as a Hutt City Councillor) and, most recently, Sustainability Lead for Nelson Marlborough Health.

Energy: Erin Roughton (BE – Natural Resources) is Managing Director of the locally-based energy management solutions consultancy and project management business Emsol. He is a qualified Professional Engineer with 28 years experience in energy engineering, research and project management. He has an in depth knowledge of energy efficiency in industrial, commercial and residential sectors and is an Accredited Energy Auditor and Energy Masters Member of CEP (formerly EMANZ). Throughout his career Erin has provided policy advice and project management services to business, councils and government organisations across New Zealand.

Waste: Zoie Bryce (Top Salesperson 2022 – Waste, WM New Zealand) is an experienced Leader, and Marketing and Business Manager, primarily within the food, hospitality and waste sectors. She has been with WM New Zealand for three years and was recently appointed Branch Manager for the Nelson site. She is passionate about working with businesses to help them achieve their sustainability goals, driving the circular economy with waste at the heart of this.

The event will be introduced by business leadership coach and change management expert Jon Lasenby of Maranga Ltd.